Hidden supernova candidates identified in archival data!

By Alexandra Novinskaya, on behalf of the SNAD team

Light curve plot of SNAD112/AT 2018lws

The SNAD team has employed their ac­tive anom­aly de­tec­tion pipeline to search for past supernovae in a few high-lat­i­tude fields of the Zwicky Tran­sient Fa­cil­ity DR — which mainly contains variable stars. As a re­sult, 16 known su­per­novae were found and 21 su­per­nova can­di­dates were dis­cov­ered. The new dis­cov­er­ies are now pub­lished in Transient Name Server where they can be scrutinized by the astronomical community.

You can find the complete list here.

Details on how the original pipeline was adapted to allow these finds are being described into a scientific paper which will be made public soon. Stay tuned!